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Quick and Reliable Private Property Towing Service in Hoover, AL

If you’re experiencing a situation in which someone has parked in a way that blocks your driveway, or if you have a private property, no parking sign on your property that someone has ignored, you can give us a call. We are licensed and insured by the state to tow away private property vehicles, which isn’t something all tow truck companies in Hoover can say. Business owners often take advantage of our services because they find abandoned vehicles taking up valuable parking spaces for their paying customers, and illegally parked vehicles all over the place. We also do a lot of junk car removal around town, making the neighbors very happy!

Action Towing & Recovery, Inc. Towing Action Towing & Recovery, Inc. Towing

So if your neighbor across the street has a party and people park in front of your driveway, you can always try to find the owner to ask them to move it, but we’ve always found that it’s easier (and sometimes safer) to just call us. Our private property towing services follow all state regulations and we are licensed operators of private property towing. We will instruct the vehicle’s owner about their next steps and you won’t have to get in the middle of it. Call us now about any private property towing services you may need.

How to Avoid Private Property Towing in Hoover, AL

While we do enjoy towing vehicles, we know it can be an inconvenience for the people who didn’t expect it or didn’t know they were even susceptible to private property towing. So how can you avoid having your vehicle towed from private property?

  • Pay close attention to all signs around where you are parking. Maybe there’s not a sign right in front of your vehicle, but if there’s one in the vicinity, you should probably park somewhere else. There are specific no parking signs that state the vehicle can be removed at the owner’s expense, and these are the areas you should avoid if you don’t want to have to deal with your car being towed.
  • Never park in areas which are likely to get your vehicle moved, like private parking lots, driveways, and handicap sections. Be sure you pay all of your parking tickets because if you have any outstanding, you could face having your vehicle towed from your private property.
  • Keep your vehicle up to code with all safety regulations. If your vehicle is missing any major part or equipment that is necessary for it to operate safely and correctly, it can be lawfully towed away. So if you’re missing a door, windshield, or axle, know that if you don’t repair or replace it, your vehicle is basically considered junk and will be removed.
Action Towing & Recovery, Inc. Towing Action Towing & Recovery, Inc. Towing

Whether you are the victim of illegal parking or the culprit, Hoover Towing & Recovery Inc. is here to help walk you through the process of what to do next. Give us a call with all of your questions and concerns about private property towing in Hoover, AL.

Action Towing & Recovery, Inc. Towing

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